Christian Ortiz’s ex breaks after he closed the door in his face and did not allow him to see his daughter: “He yelled at him as if he were to blame”

Xamia Rodriguezthe archer’s ex-partner Christian Ortizis desperate since she has not been able to see her youngest daughter for more than seven months, since the footballer took her with deception and until now keeps her hidden from her mother.

The young woman began an arduous fight for the authorities to help her recover her little girl and a glimmer of hope came to her last August, when the Judiciary granted her provisional custody of the minor. However, until now she can’t see her because she doesn’t know where she is.

The situation changed a few days ago when Antonella Carranzathe daughter of Puma Carranzaused his social networks to denounce Christian Ortiz for verbal aggression. According to what she told in her Instagram stories, the goalkeeper threatened her and her partner in the middle of the street, all in the presence of her little daughter.

At that moment Xamia Rodriguez He contacted Antonella without knowing her and discovered that the goalkeeper was living with his little girl in a condominium in San Isidro. The young woman went to the place and managed to enter, finding the player on the stairs.

The mother of the daughter of Christian Ortiz He complained and asked to see the minor, but he closed the door in her face. In images that she herself recorded and broadcast Amor y Fuego, she is heard shouting the name of her girl while she asks to see her mother, but the player would have hidden her in her room.

narrated overwhelmed by tears.

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