Christian Santos already has an arrival date in Colo Colo

After confirming the signing of Venezuelan striker Christian Santos, the leadership of Colo Colo, began to expedite his arrival in the country so that he can join the Cacique’s training as soon as possible.

The player is in Spain, specifically in Madrid where he arrived on a flight from Coruña where he was training with a personal physical trainer. After getting the papers and visa, it was necessary to find a flight to Chile and that was resolved.

Santos will be arriving in Santiago on Friday on a flight from Madrid. To enter the country you must have a negative PCR and carry out the preventive quarantine imposed by the Ministry of Health on travelers coming from abroad.

This quarantine will be spent at the hotel and only next Friday the 24th will you be able to leave the residence hall. For this reason, the Superclásico will see it from the stands, since it will not have training in the body and as the coach anticipated Gustavo Quinteros placeholder imageIt will take you at least two weeks to adapt to the coaching staff’s work style.

When you can already be able to train, you will wait for the presentation press conference for the player, who He comes to fight for a position with Iván Morales, who is the team’s top scorer, and Javier Parraguez, who is showing a good level in the last games.

Further back, in the fight to be the “9” starter, is Luciano Arriagada, who already added minutes and goals in the first team.

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