Christian Santos puts on the Colo Colo shirt for the first time!

Friday September 24 was the day agreed for Christian Santos to come out of mandatory quarantine and live his first day as an official player of Colo Colo at the Monumental stadium.

The Venezuelan German in the first instance arrived at the MEDS Clinic where he underwent physical examinations prior to signing his professional contract as a Cacique player.

Then he arrived at the Monumental stadium to stamp his signature and pose with the Colo Colo shirt, yes, not with the official one, since it will be presented next week after the Superclásico.

Christian Santos was motivated and from now on he learned the claw sign with his hands. The social networks of Colo Colo shared the first images of the Venezuelan in the ruca and with the 10.

Christian Santos as a Colo Colo player

A colored fact is that Christian Santos will travel to Rancagua to see his teammates in the Chilean soccer Superclásico, so he will say present at the El Teniente stadium.

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