Christian Santos takes exams to join the Colo Colo squad

Christian Santos arrived in Chile a week ago and after completing the quarantine days he was released to join the Colo Colo squad. Prior to this, the footballer must undergo rigorous tests, which are carried out at this time in the eastern sector of the capital.

Very early, the center forward, left the hotel where he is staying to go to the Meds Clinic where He will undergo an extensive medical evaluation by the Cacique’s doctors.

The days of quarantine were not an impediment for the Venezuelan to carry out special work so as not to lose his physical form, but his lack of football will not allow him to be in the duel against the University of Chile. “Santos is working via zoom, training at the hotel, it is very difficult for him to be in the Superclásico”Gustavo Quinteros confessed in conversation with Directv.

Despite his inability to play against the classic rival, Santos will travel to Rancagua to be able to accompany his teammates in such a decisive match and experience the emotion of the most important game in Chilean football up close.

Christian Santos could appear among those mentioned for the match against Ñublense, corresponding to the twenty-third date of the National Championship, to be played next Thursday, September 30 at the monumental stadium.

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