Christina Applegate receives a lot of support from colleagues after she has been diagnosed with MS

US actress Christina Applegate announced on Tuesday that she was suffering from the autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis (MS). Several expressions of support from friends and colleagues followed.

Actresses Jamie Lee Curtis and Patricia Arquette also got in touch via Twitter. Curtis wrote, “My hand is in yours.” Arquette sent “love,” as did colleague Josh Gad, who wrote that he knew no stronger and bolder person than Applegate and was certain that he would overcome every obstacle.

It is already the second major health turning point in Applegate’s life: in 2008 the actress was diagnosed with breast cancer. She decided to have a bilateral mastectomy. Cancer was also discussed in Applegate’s current series “Dead to Me”.

A third season was actually announced for the series. However, due to Applegate’s illness, production is now to be paused until further notice. This was shared by Netflix and CBS in a joint statement on Tuesday opposite the “Hollywood Reporter” with.

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