Christina Applegate turns 50 – and is fighting MS

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Christina Applegate
Christina Applegate turns 50. © Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP / dpa

As “dull cheek Kelly” in the “A terribly nice family” she became world famous. Christina Applegate is now 50, but her birthday will not be carefree.

Los Angeles – Christina Applegate became known around the world as the blonde cliché dumbass from the TV series “A Terribly Nice Family”. But the American’s career is much more than Al Bundy’s “dumb cheek” of the 90s.

Shortly before her 50th birthday on Thursday (November 25th), Applegate is now struggling with the second serious illness of her life.

“Hello friends. I was diagnosed with MS a few months ago, ”the actress wrote on Twitter in August, shocking her fans. It is a “hard way”, but she is supported by other victims of the nervous disease multiple sclerosis. Applegate ended a second tweet with the words: “That is why I am now asking for privacy. While I’m going through this thing. Thanks.”

It wasn’t the first time Applegate hit the headlines because of her health. In 2008, after being diagnosed with cancer, she had the tissue removed from both breasts, followed by ovaries and fallopian tubes in 2017 to prevent the disease from recurring. The Hollywood star suffers from a mutation in the BRCA1 gene, which greatly increases the risk of cancer in women.

Applegate was born in 1971 as the daughter of a music producer with a singer and actress. Her career began before she could even speak or walk: at the age of three months, Applegate featured in an ad for baby water bottles. She told ABC TV in 2018: “My earliest memories are that my mother took me to the plays she was in because she couldn’t afford a babysitter.”

When she was 15, Applegate got the role that would make her famous around the world: Kelly Bundy, daughter of shoe seller Al – blond, sexually dressed and borderline stupid. But Applegate managed to leave this character behind after ten years, played on Broadway and received an Emmy for her guest role in the hit series “Friends”. She was also nominated for the Golden Globe. Applegate stayed at home with television, most recently she starred in the popular Netflix series “Dead to Me”.


In the past few months, Applegate – who is married to musician Martyn LeNoble and has a daughter – has stayed in contact with her fans mainly via social media, where she talks a lot about her illness, which is obviously very troublesome. At the end of October she wrote: “I am not a strong woman. I have MS. I am sad about it all the time. But I hope that one day I’ll be a fighter. ”Dpa

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