Christine Dancke is pregnant

That reveals Dancke on his Instagram profile, Thursday.

“Hello to you little me inside my stomach. I must say you came out of the blue extremely, especially considering my condition which I have noooen times joked a bit with – I tend to say that I am “half under the lungs” because I was born with a kidney and only half of all the the inner female organ », Dancke writes under a picture of himself.

The 37-year-old is cohabiting with ten years younger Simon Bergseth. This will be the couple’s first child together.

Parts to avoid speculation

In the post, Dancke also writes that she chooses to share this news to avoid speculation.

“This really has nothing to do with, at the same time it is disgusting to lie, hide & feel in other people’s eyes (even though it may just be something I imagine, but it can be tough enough in itself)”, she writes.

Dancke also openly shares that her “condition” means that she is not sure how the pregnancy will go.

“This also means that I do not know if our little seed will actually come into the world, and I therefore hope that with this I can put speculation aside and cross my fingers that my stomach and all the talk about it can be left alone until we know how this ends », she writes.

Became a famous TV face

Dancke is known as a DJ, host and music expert and is, among other things, host of the NRK program “HAIK”.

Now she is also relevant as a judge in the TV 2 program “Norway’s new megahit”, which premiered last Saturday.

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