Christmas films at WOW: 38 titles in the program

The pay TV provider Sky even included four self-produced films in the WOW program last year: In “Little Roald Dahl and the Mouse” is about the writer of the same name, who met his own idol, the author Beatrix Potter, as a child. This encounter is the basis for the film.

A Christmas Number Oneis a satire about the music business. Freida Pinto plays a manager who works with boy band Five Together a Christmas hit wants to land. She unexpectedly gets help from a musician trash metal band. Fun fact: The metaler’s terminally ill niece is played by the young German actress Helena Zengel.

Another version of the Christmas story is in “Last Train to Christmas“. Martin Sheen plays a nightclub owner named Tony Towers, who on his train journey home to his family suddenly finds himself in a past that has turned out much worse for him than his reality.

Sky’s fourth film is “The fabulous Mr Blunden“. The two Teenage Jamie and Lucy move with their mother to the old country house of the mysterious Mr. Blunden. There they meet two children who tell them they went back in time to save themselves from murder.

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