Christmas in Mülheim: Caritas and NRZ wish tree campaign has started

Making people in need happy: That is the aim of the wishing tree campaign of Caritas Mülheim and the NRZ. The action has now started.

Caritas and NRZ have started their joint wish tree campaign 2022. The two Caritas employees Monika Schick-Jöres and Rüdiger Pilotek now decorated the wishing tree, which was erected for the 15th time, with red and yellow wishing cards.

As in the previous year, the wishing tree is in the tourist information of the Mülheim city marketing and tourism company (MST). The MST Tourist Info is located in the new city district of Schloßstraße and is accessible Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. from Friedrich-Ebert-Straße and Schollenstraße.

Big hit

“We are pleased that we, as a central contact point in the city, are supporting the wishing tree campaign of Caritas and the NRZ again this year and can thus make a contribution to the fact that people can look forward to a present at Christmas who would otherwise not receive a present would get. I hope that the Advent campaign will be as popular this year as it was last year and that the wish cards will be picked quickly from the Christmas tree,” says MST manager Marc Baloniak.

“We are also expecting up to 1000 wish cards this Advent. We were able to fulfill 975 of the 1000 wishes in Advent 2021 with the help of generous NRZ readers. 25 wishes initially remained unfulfilled, but we were then able to fulfill them at the last minute via other channels,” explain Monika Schick-Jöres and Rüdiger Pilotek.

Until December 16th

Rüdiger Pilotek is responsible for the logistics of the wishing tree campaign. “Anyone who would like to take part in our Advent campaign must have picked up a wish card from the Christmas tree by December 16th and put it back under the wishing tree in the tourist information office as a wrapped gift or handed it in directly to Caritas at Hingbergstraße 176. This is the only way for our employees to be able to deliver the presents in time for Christmas,” explains Schick-Jörres.

Among the people who can look forward to a Christmas present from the wishing tree are war refugees from the Ukraine who, as Orthodox Christians, traditionally celebrate their Christmas festival on Epiphany, January 6th Groceries are wanted and welcomed more than ever,” says Rüdiger Pilotek. “Hygiene products, toys or shopping and cinema vouchers are also on the wish cards that we receive from people in need of all nationalities and generations,” adds Schick-Jörres.

Big crowd at the table

Dominik Schreyer, who as managing director of the Diakoniewerk Arbeit und Kultur on Georgstraße is also responsible for the Mülheimer Tafel, confirms the impression of his Caritas colleagues: “We have many new customers. With 3,000 bags of groceries that we give to those in need every week, we are at a record level.”

The Mülheimer Tafel has been working with appointments and time windows since the beginning of the year in order to be able to cope with the rush. The Federal Association of Food Banks recently announced that the demand for donated food has risen by 50 percent since the beginning of the year.

Caritas and NRZ can only achieve their goal of giving joy at the festival because not only the 300 full-time employees of the Catholic social association, but also the 100 women and men who work on a voluntary basis in the community Caritas lend a hand and are on the road as helpers and parcel deliverers .

“Many of the recipients who got into trouble through no fault of their own, for example due to flight, illness or unemployment, thanked us with tears in their eyes or with pictures drawn by their children,” describe Monika Schick-Jörres and Rüdiger Pilotek the overwhelming response that the 2021 wishing tree campaign received last year.

Rüdiger Pilotek will be happy to answer inquiries about the wishing tree campaign on 0208-3000884 or by e-mail to: [email protected]

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