Chromebook will warn users if someone is spying on them behind their back

The issue of privacy is something that technology is taking more and more seriously. In the case of Chromebook devices, users will now have the advantage of being alerted when someone is behind them spying on what they are doing on the laptop.

Although it is not something very innovative, since in the Chrome browser it is possible to find extensions that fulfill a similar function, Google also works on an exclusive functionality for its Chromebooks.

It is a very useful tool, since there will always be someone who tries to find out what we are doing on the computer by looking from our back.

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New alerts for Chromebook computers

Google has proposed with these new alerts to avoid the gossipers who look at our computers from behind. This is possible thanks to the tool called “Human Presence Sensor”, whose objective is to warn of the presence of someone who is behind us.

Of course, this will work when it is strictly necessary and not when we are showing something to another person for example. The function what it will do is detect suspicious movements behind us through the front camera that the Chromebook has.

When the camera detects an abnormal movement within the frame of the camera in which we should be alone, it will automatically alert that there is a person behind who could be watching what we do on the monitor.

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This function can be customized, as these situations will not always be what they appear on camera. Alerts can be shown in the form of an eye and also when someone is detected behind, notifications on the computer will be disabled and the brightness of the screen can even be reduced to make it much more difficult to see what we do on the monitor.

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