ChromeOS 103 launches with new apps and tighter integration with Android phones

Despite its timid beginnings as alternative operating software, the Chrome OS proved to be an interesting option for users looking for a light, beautiful interface that is constantly being updated with new features and greater integration with the androidGoogle’s mobile operating system.

According to information, the developer released this week the Chrome OS 103 version, adding tools that connect laptops and cell phones through basic functions, such as displaying the last four photographs taken by the device on the Phone Hub from your computer through cloud sync.

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In addition to the possibility of importing images, the new system update also allows sharing data of the credentials of Wi-Fi networks connected on the phone, thus making it possible to access a wireless network even if the user does not remember the registered password; on Android there is a native function that allows you to view information of saved connections.

As predicted in previous rumors, v103 also brought a new app “Screencast” that allows you to record the screen together with the video from the front camera, a change that brings Chrome OS closer to Windows through the addition of native tools without the need to install third-party software.

For now, there are no details on what will be released in future versions of the system, however, it is expected that the company will continue to move forward with the integration between its two operating systems to create an integrated ecosystem similar to that provided by Apple.

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