Chucky Ferreyra in details of being a reinforcement of Colo Colo

Colo Colo You have been working on the reinforcements you have requested for a long time. Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image, but that, due to different circumstances in the negotiations, it has not been possible to specify any to date. That, until today, where everything begins to clarify for the arrival of the first incorporation.

It would be the Argentine striker Facundo Ferreyra, who has been in the Cacique’s orbit for a few weeks now. According to the information that DaleAlbo was able to know in this regard, only one detail remains for the signing to be fully closed: The signature.

The 30-year-old attacker finds the pass in his possession since, currently, he is without a club. His last step in football was at Celta de Vigo in Spain, where he will seek to reverse the numbers he achieved in Spanish football with his arrival at Cacique.

The arrival of the forward had been in doubt who was analyzing the options and proposals he received from Blanco y Negro. The Alba leadership begins to rush the issue of reinforcements that Gustavo Quinteros has requested to face this second semester of Chilean soccer.

However, with this the establishment is not closed, since despite the fact that the white box has until Friday of this week to register players for the National ChampionshipNegotiations are rushed to go on a second booster.

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