Chyno Miranda: the mystery behind the payment for his treatment at a new clinic

for weeks, Chyno Miranda has been at the center of the conversation after different versions were released about his stay in a rehabilitation center. The Venezuelan singer would have been dissatisfied with the institution in which he was and he was transferred to a new one, but much more expensive.

There is a lot of confusion around the case of the former member of “Chyno y Nacho”. On the one hand, his family assures that he is being influenced by his new girlfriend, Astrid Dayana Torrealba Falcón and there are many irregularities.

Meanwhile, information has been obtained indicating that he had been mistreated at the “Tía Panchita” center where he had initially been admitted and that his family allegedly kept the singer’s money.

However, Jesús Alberto Miranda Pérez has not made any public statement to obtain his version of events. Did we find ourselves before another case like that of Britney Spears or is it simply a media framework?


Given the recent accusations that Chyno Miranda’s mother, Alcira Pérez, and her niece, Yarubai Zapata Pérez, would have misappropriated the artist’s money, the representative lawyer denied this information. In addition, he requested that the irregular requests for payments made by alleged representatives of the private clinic “El Cedral” be investigated, where the interpreter of “Mi niña bonita” is located.

Defender Horacio Morales León explained that a clinic assistant, who identified herself as Emily, asked for $4,000 to cover the treatment she is receiving and that she would have contacted the singer himself with his office to demand the transfer of the amount.

Mr. Chyno requested again, already directly, that they had to send four thousand dollars to be able to cancel (of) his treatment”, he declared and stressed that it is rare for a patient with the singer’s ailments to make this type of request.

Chyno Miranda's mother spoke about her state of health and the conditions of her rehabilitation (Photo: Luis Olvatierra / YouTube)

Chyno Miranda’s mother spoke about her state of health and the conditions of her rehabilitation (Photo: Luis Olvatierra / YouTube)


It is also not very clear who are the people who are taking charge of the payments for the treatment of Chyno Miranda in “El Cedral”. Before her controversial transfer, it was her family who was paying for the expenses, which is precisely why they had chosen the “Tía Panchita” center, which fit her budget.

However, now that he is in the new institution the picture is less clear. For her part, the lawyer assured that Chyno’s new girlfriend publicly declared that she and her family were bearing the costs, but the institution would have refused to confirm this information.

How is it that this situation operates on the part of the ‘El Cedral’ clinic, when a citizen who identifies herself as Astrid, who is the girlfriend or who acts as the girlfriend of the citizen, Chyno Jesús Miranda, and Does he actually say through social networks that his family and himself are paying the expenses caused by the treatment at the ‘El Cedral’ clinic?”, he highlighted, asking the Venezuelan authorities to take measures in this regard.

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