CIMC Wetrans Delfin and Latindyl sign an agreement to boost SME exports in the region

1% of Latin American companies export and most do so to 2 destinations, maximum. It is within this framework that they present the first LATAM B2B Marketplace

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11/24/2022 – 6:30 p.m.

CIMC Wetrans Delfin and Latindyl sign an agreement to boost SME exports in the region

With the objective of positioning itself as allies of the digital transformation and evolution of SMEs towards the development of the international export market, CIMC WetransDelfin and the recently launched regional B2B e-commerce platform, Latindyl, signed a collaboration agreement. It took place at the CIMC offices in Puerto Madero, with the participation of Romina Parquet, CEO of the company, and Gastón Reemeerie and Guillermo Rivaben, managers of Latindyl.

Under the agreement, CIMC WetransDelfin will offer its products, services and experience in international logistics through this innovative marketplace, merging technological and logistics solutions in order to simplify processes for SMEs and synergizing the exportable offer in a single place.

As pointed out Guillermo Rivaben, CVO of Latindyl: “SMEs in Latin America are the key to inclusive economic development in the region. Their very high impact on employment and training of the communities in which they are immersed makes them a priority for the future of Latin America. At Latindyl, we develop a platform of solutions so that the SMEs of our countries have the possibility of expanding their borders, finding new markets and making the export and import operation profitable By developing our Marketplace, we managed to align the sense of purpose towards the growth of our region with the creation of a model of sustainable business and exponential development”.

In the same way, Gastón Reemeerie, CEO of Latindyl, added: “In the context of evolution in the digitalization process that SMEs in Argentina and all of Latin America have had in recent years, we now have the opportunity as a region to take the next step towards the development of international trade and for that it is necessary that companies have a technological and service solution that simplifies the way in which they access the market and become internationally visible. In this sense, the strategic alliance with CIMC WetransDelfin is a fundamental part of the added value of our platform, given that we are bringing SMEs to a world leader in logistics and international trade”.

For his part, Romina Parquet, CEO and founder of CIMC WetransDelfin in Argentinaexplained about the immense contribution of foreign trade to develop the potential of SMEs: “Comex encourages expansion and openness to the world, and in that sense, at a local level we have a lot to do to grow. In fact, only 1 % of Latin American companies export versus more than 7% in European countries And on average exporting companies only reach 1 or 2 markets These indicators show the immaturity of our international development and at the same time the potential we have for in front of”.

And he concluded: “For this reason, I celebrate alliances like these, in order to work together to promote the exponential export potential of Argentine and regional SMEs. From our place, we will offer integrated and efficient solutions, up to the last mile, so that many more companies are encouraged to take the first steps in conquering new markets”.

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