Cindy Poumeyrol (Koh-Lanta) shares an adorable video of her two little girls

On her Instagram account, Cindy Poumeyrol unveiled an adorable video showing her two little girls playing together. A complicity between Alba and Victoire, which has cracked internet users.

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Cindy Poumeyrol is one of the emblematic adventurers of Koh Lanta. After a first participation in the adventure game in 2019 where she had failed in the final against Maxime, she tried her luck again in her edition All Stars, Koh-Lanta, The Legend. This time his journey was much shorter. Since then, the young woman, who has become a dynamic entrepreneur, has appeared on the TFX show, Moms and famous. It must be said that Cindy and her companion Thomas are already the parents of two adorable little girls, Alba and Victoire.

The two little girls play in matching pajamas

The inconveniences of pregnancy are now far behind Cindy and she now shares her happiness as a fulfilled mom on social networks. This Sunday, June 26, she particularly moved Internet users by posting a video of her two little girls playing together. They cavort on the floor in matching pajamas and Alba goes out of her way to distract her little sister, trying on her shoes or clowning around to amuse her. “Already such a beautiful complicity Alba&Victoire #MesFilles”, simply wrote the proud mom in the caption of these totally touching images. In story, she revealed photos of her little girls sleeping in their dad’s arms and adorable videos, where Alba proclaims her love for Victoire and takes care of her. “Alba makes me melt so much with her sister”, she commented, visibly touched in the heart. Its publication made Clo crack, another candidate of Koh Lanta, who recently settled down. “Best big sister!”, she wrote in the comment. A feeling widely shared by Internet users under the spell of these images. “Thank you for sharing with us all the happiness that reigns in your little family, it’s so beautiful”, “I’m dying”, “I’m melting”, could we read among the comments.

A choice of symbolic first name

When Victoire was born, Cindy Poumeyrol explained what prompted her to choose this first name for her little girl. And it was a real Proust madeleine for the Bordelaise. “Why Victoire? I’ve always loved this first name, and my favorite movie is the boom! 🥰 and between us with the birth she made us live, her first name suits her perfectly”, she explained thus.

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