Cited: Leo Gil is the great novelty of Colo Colo for this Wednesday

This Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. Colo Colo will host Unión Española for the first leg semifinal of the Copa Chile 2021. El Cacique will be home to the Monumental stadium with the return of the Colocolino public.

Undoubtedly a very important fact in the midst of the pandemic, so all the sanitary measures are in place for the duel that will have as its main guest the rain, which is agreed for the time of the meeting.

Speaking of soccer, Gustavo Quinteros delivered the nonymous final to face Unión Española, which is made up of 20 players, therefore, two players will stay with the diver on.

The great novelty of this list is the inclusion of Leonardo Gil, who appeared after suffering from an injury prior to the duel with the Hispanics for the 2021 National Championship.

Carlo Villanueva returns to the subpoenas

Another who returns to the payroll is Carlo Villanueva, who will have a new opportunity to demonstrate. Another change that occurred is that of Julio Fierro for Omar Carabalí, for the Sub 21 quota.

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