Citizens voted for projects for Cancun

This Wednesday, November 23, the 2022 Participatory Budget vote was held, where 10 projects competed to be winners and be able to be carried out, unlike the first year in which it was carried out and only three proposals were submitted, now there were 30 in total, of which 10 were selected as viable.

“Citizen participation roundtables are being set up for the question of participatory budgeting, so that citizens have participation by voting in the project that they consider necessary and important to be implemented in the city so that they can take advantage of it and enjoy the spaces” said Virginia Poot Vega, city comptroller.

From noon to 3:00 p.m. there were 690 votes divided into 10 projects, which is a large number of interested parties for some of the proposals that were supposedly made by the same citizens where various projects were registered, including two that They lacked representatives, which are for the benefits of the police and an improvement to the Parque de las Palapas.

Projects that participated:

Citizens voted for projects for Cancun

Citizens voted for projects for Cancun

Project 1: Construction and rehabilitation of the Parque de la 200

Elisa Reyes, representative of the neighborhood committee region 200

“Construction, rehabilitation, and equipment of multipurpose courts, playgrounds, gyms, in front of the Raza de Bronce school.”

Project 2: Three associations without accessibility in the first entrance of the 94

Alejandra Amador,

“We don’t have sidewalks, there is no lighting, many moms have been robbed, we are requesting a pedestrian stop because it is a four-way area and we don’t have accessibility.”

Project 3: Access improvements in the IMSS of the 510

Carlos Gomez Sanzchez

“There are many people with disabilities and we would like to see sidewalk ramps and universal signs”

Project 4: Cameras and flaps for Public Security

without representatives

Project 5: Safe crossings for children with visual and hearing impairments

Marcella Gutierrez

“For a school with children with visual and hearing disabilities, our project implies accessibility for mothers who take their children to cross the pedestrian crossing safely, that there is an auditory traffic light.”

Project 6: Cultural space on Sunyaxchen avenue

Noah Garrido

“The project that we are promoting is a cultural corridor on Sunyaxchen avenue, lighting, reforestation, speed bumps, ears on the corners, to recover public spaces.”

Project 7: Public toilets

Victor Hugo Sánchez, President of the Quintanarroense Boxing Association

“Bathrooms in sports spaces, we have made a proposal to create bathrooms in 10 sports units of the 225 in Cancun, bathrooms with showers”

Project 8: Palapas Park Remodeling

without representatives

Project 9: Mayan Paradise Project

duliana camacho

“For Paraíso Maya, a sports dome, so that the community can have access to a safe public space, with the appropriate technical conditions, and develop a culture of peace”

Project 10: Aloha Arco Vial Project

“Aloha is a rehabilitation of the Arco Vial, since it is located on a secondary road where there is no accessibility route, no traffic lights, sidewalks or safe pedestrian crossings.”

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