Civil Protection issues an orange alert for 29 coastal municipalities and maintains a yellow alert in the rest of the country

This afternoon, Civil Protection, based on the Special Meteorological Report No. 10, issued by the General Directorate of the Threat Observatory of the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, indicated that there is an Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) close to the Central American coasts, and a wide area of ​​low pressure is also observed that maintains showers and storms over that sector, this being a system that maintains conditions of slow development, and It will move towards the coasts of southern Mexico and Guatemala in the next few days (in 05 days it has a 30% probability of being reclassified as a tropical depression).

In this sense, the country experiences the entry of humidity that favors precipitation in the volcanic chain, mountainous areas and the coast due to the flow from the southeast and southwest in the coming days.

Due to the foregoing, it nullifies the Yellow Alert issued on September 10, only for 29 coastal municipalities, and declares ORANGE ALERT for these same ones that are: San Francisco Menéndez, Jujutla, Acajutla, Sonsonate, Santa Isabel Ishuatán, Chiltiupán, Teotepeque, Jicalapa, Tamanique, La Libertad, San Luis Talpa, Santiago Nonualco, San Pedro Masahuat, Zacatecoluca, San Luis La Herradura, Tecoluca, Usulutan, Concepción Batres , San Dionisio, Puerto El Triunfo, Jucuarán, Chirilagua, San Alejo, Pasaquina, Conchagua, IntipucaLa Union, Meanguera del Golfo and Jiquilisco.

The ORANGE ALERT is maintained in the municipalities of San Salvador, Santa Tecla, Colón, Concepción Quezaltepeque, Comalapa, La Palma, Comasagua, Talnique, Santa Ana, Tacuba, Concepción de Ataco, Apaneca, Zaragoza, Dulce Nombre de María and San Francisco Morazán ;In addition, the municipality of San Miguel is added. For the rest of the country’s municipalities, the YELLOW ALERT remains.

Similarly, all the Departmental and Municipal Civil Protection Commissions of the country remain activated and in the same way their Emergency Operations Centers must maintain surveillance in the areas where damages have already occurred, and take the necessary measures and restrictions, in function of safeguarding the physical integrity of the people in the area.

It is recalled that the Red Alert remains active in the Brisas de San Francisco residential area of ​​the municipality of San Salvador.

For the general population, it is recommended:

  • Always maintain precautionary measures in the presence of possible rains, when traveling on public roads, when there is the possibility of landslides or falling trees.
  • Refrain from crossing rivers, streams, canals or any water current that is generated during a storm and after it, due to the probability of dragging.
  • Follow the instructions and recommendations of the authorities of the National Civil Protection System.

The social media are requested to spread this ALERT widely and sufficiently.

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