Civil war within the Democrats

It is called the largest infrastructure investment ever and is one of President Joe Biden’s election promises. $ 1,200 billion will be invested in roads, railways, electricity networks and ports, among other things. The proposal has already been voted through in the Senate, with the support of Republicans. But for it to go through completely, it must be approved by the second chamber of Congress, the House of Representatives. It has now stopped there.

The left is blocking the proposal

The left wing of the Democrats refuses to let the infrastructure reform pass unless they get a promise that the second “soft” infrastructure proposal will be voted through. The proposal involves investments in, among other things, childcare, climate and education.

– I will not vote for a poorly funded infrastructure package if the second proposal is not passed, says Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who belongs to the left phalanx within the party.

Two senators

At the same time, two senators on the right flank are holding back. Joe Manchin from West Virginia and Krysten Sinema from Arizona think the infrastructure package is expensive as it is and do not think they can defend a social infrastructure reform for their conservative voters.

The clock is ticking

For Joe Biden, the infrastructure package is a prestigious project. It is also about living up to their election promises. Despite decades in politics, he has found it difficult to get the party to compromise on this. Now a battle against the clock is waiting to get through something you basically agree on.

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“The gap between left and right within the Democrats has deepened” – hears US correspondent Erik Åsberg’s analysis in the clip. Photo: Pelle Sterner / SVT and Drew Angerer / AFP

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