Claim your Bingo Trome this Monday

Tomorrow Monday begins bingo trome, which distributes cash prizes for more than 200 thousand soles and instantly gives away modern technological artifacts. This promotion lasts three weeks and every Monday, like today, we give you a free card with which you can play and win.

Each card is different, so the more you have, the more possibilities.

Likewise, from today until this Sunday, September 25, we will publish the coupons that you must cut out and paste in your bingo. If you complete a column, you automatically win the respective prize.

You can take up to 10 thousand and 20 thousand soles!


Each card has a space to scratch and win at the touch. There are laptops, televisions, cell phones, tablets, refrigerators, stoves, Chinese boxes, pot sets and more.


  • 1 prize of 20,000 soles
  • 2 prizes of 10,000 soles
  • 3 prizes of 5,000 soles
  • 6 prizes of 1,000 soles
  • 1,800 gift cards of 100 soles


The winners must go to Jirón Paracas 532, in Pueblo Libre, from Monday to Friday from 9 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. They can also call, including those from the provinces, FITO at 977 944 964.

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