Clara Seminara awaits a public apology from Yuca: I never lied or exaggerated with the complaint of touching

The comedic actress Clara Seminara denounced the slowness of the Power of attorney in his complaint against Enrique Espejo, Yuca, because the sentence should have been issued five months ago, after the four years that the judicial process has lasted for the accusations of improper touching, which he brought against the comedian when they worked together in the disappeared program ‘JB’s WhatsApp’in the tub.

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”I don’t understand what is happening in the Judiciary because five months ago a sentence should have been passed on my complaint against Mr. Enrique Espejo for improper touching and that I denounced him four years ago. This is very strange, but I trust the justice of Peru, I just want to free myself from all this, “he said. Clara Seminarywho is residing in Spain.

Are you looking to see Enrique Espejo, Yuca, imprisoned, or are you looking for financial compensation?

Neither of the two, I just want a public apology and that it remains as a precedent so that this type of thing does not happen again. I want the whole truth to be known, I have never lied or exaggerated; as is what I have told the press, the prosecutor and the judge.

Does it bother you that Yuca has returned to work with Jorge Benavides?

It doesn’t bother me that the man goes back to work. On the contrary, at the time he said that because of my complaint he would not return to television, but now he has returned. So, it wasn’t because of my complaint that they didn’t hire him, maybe something else must have happened.

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A few weeks ago, the comic actress Clara Seminary He said that he was waiting for a sentence to be handed down in a few days in the judicial process against Enrique Mirror, Yuca, for improper touches that he interposed. In addition, she said that her former partner Fatima Segovia He never came to testify as a witness before the judge to clarify the facts.

“It has been more than three years since I made the complaint and the process was opened, and it seems that there will be a sentence soon. I hope so, with my lawyer I presented all the evidence and the judge must decide “commented the actress, who lives in Spain.

You expected your former classmates to testify as witnesses at the trial…

Yes, Fátima (Segovia) never gave her statement as a witness, however, Dayanita did appear.

After that fact, your life changed and you traveled to Spain, how are you doing?

It is a difficult road to start from scratch in another country, but I am making progress. Not only with the stand up comedy shows that I have been doing, but also presenting myself to various castings, so I hope the doors will open.


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