Claudia Sheinbaum assures that the CDMX cannot be held hostage by gas carriers

After the manifestation of Gremio Nacional Gasero in Mexico City (CDMX, the head of government Claudia Sheinbaum assured that the inhabitants of the capital cannot be hostages of this private sector that seeks an increase in the LP gas price.

The foregoing was declared by the capital city official during a videoconference, where Sheinbaum Pardo supported the decision to remove the gas pipes with cranes, which were used to block several roads in the country’s capital on October 11.

“Here in the City we did make a decision yesterday, which was to move the pipes, because what cannot be done is not that citizens are hostage to a group that is looking for their own interests,” he warned. the head of government of CDMX.

Claudia Sheinbaum spoke of the protests

The gas carriers took to the streets of CDMX.

Given the attacks recorded in the confrontation between the police and gas carriers, he explained that of the 14 blockades only one person who opened a gas hose was arrested. However, he acknowledged that there was police violence that will be investigated.

“He is in custody and is accused by the Attorney General’s Office as attempted murder. There will not be any modesty on the part of the Prosecutor’s Office, we were informed today […] If there is police abuse, it is investigated and we are not going to justify it in any way “

Sheinbaum also took the opportunity to recall that currently, the Gas Bienestar is only being distributed in the Iztapalapa mayor’s office, but that work is being done so that it can soon start its distribution in another mayor’s office, which is expected to be Azcapotzalco.

“The price of gas was the highest in the country”

“The price of gas was determined by the Ministry of Energy, it seems to me something correct that it was done because there was an abuse in the prices of LP gas. This abuse was reflected in the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Valley of Mexico, which had the highest LP gas price in the entire country.

Finally, Claudia Sheinbaum reported that together with the government secretary Martí Batres, he held a respectful meeting with representatives of the sector to establish the actions to ensure the distribution of LP gas in the city and avoid shortages.

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