Claudio Borghi and the option of Arturo Vidal in Boca Juniors: “I agree with Riquelme and I think he is a player born to play there"

A few days ago it became known that Boca Juniors is interested in the one formed in Colo Colo, Arturo Vidal, who left Inter Milan.

© ONE AgencyClaudio Borghi approves a possible arrival of Vidal to Boca Juniors

“Arturo Vidal was born to play for this club, but from there to being able to pay him is something else,” were the words of Juan Riquelme to talk about Boca Juniors’ interest in the national midfielder.

The desire that the Xeneize team has to have training services in Colo Colo is already in the public interest. Today another member of the board spoke about it.

“It would be a dream, he is a star. We are still looking for alternatives, but he is a star, of a very high level, he would greatly adorn our institution,” said Jorge Bermudez.

In Argentina they are crazy with this information and that is why Claudio Borghi, one who knows the Boca world, spoke about these negotiations that are coming between the Xeneize group and Arturo Vidal.

“I agree with Riquelme and I think Vidal is a player born to play for Boca Juniors. I don’t think they have a better player than Arturo, if he arrives it’s to be a starter, “said Bichi on DirecTV Sports Radio.

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