Claudio Bravo is full of praise from Spain

The captain and goalkeeper of the Chilean team, Claudio Bravo, was filled with praise after his solvent performance in the tie that La Roja rescued against Ecuador at the height of Quito for the eighth date of the South American Qualifiers for the Qatar World Cup 2022.

Bravo came without rhythm of competition, since in Real Betis he has been a substitute at the beginning of the Spanish league, however, that was not an impediment to being a figure in the National Team, both against the Ecuadorians and against Brazil at the Monumental stadium.

For the same reason, the website The Uncheck, which follows in the footsteps of the cast that is directed by the Chilean Manuel Pellegrini, filled with praise to the captain of La Roja and titled “Bravo Shine with Chile”.

In the chronicle to describe the performance of the national goal they were clear and indicated that “although he has not played in the first three days with Betis, in which Manuel Pellegrini has bet on Rui Silva, Bravo has shown with the Chilean team that he is prepared and in good shape“.

Subsequently, they described Bravo’s best interventions against Ecuador in Quito and simply gave up on his performance.

“Goalkeeper Claudio Bravo, after a precise head hit by midfielder Moisés Caicedo, which the goalkeeper managed to reject in minute 15. Bravo, before half-time, won the duel against Caicedo again and saved his team. The Chilean goalkeeper managed reject to the side the violent shot of the midfielder from outside the area, at minute 50 and in another corner kick, “they said in the text.

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