Claudio Bravo is highly motivated and hopes to continue in the Chilean National Team: “If you do things well, the options to compete open up”

The goalkeeper who plays for Real Betis is in our country on vacation and took the opportunity to participate in a sports clinic for children and young people. In the instance, Bravo took the opportunity to anticipate that he is still more relevant than ever and that he will always be for the Chilean National Team.

© Carlos Parra/ANFP via AgenciaUnoClaudio Bravo does not think about leaving the Chilean National Team

Claudio Bravo is still more relevant than ever. The Captain of the Chilean National Team extended his relationship with Real Betis of Spain and will continue to cut short in the elite of European football, after qualifying for the Europa League with Manuel Pellegrini on the bench.

Despite the tremendous season he had, there were not a few voices that saw the one trained in Colo Colo outside the National Team. At 39 years old and with goalkeepers like Brayan Cortés coming from behind, many believed that the stage of the native of Viluco was coming to an end in La Roja.

Given these opinions, Claudio Bravo did not keep quiet and ironic saying that someone wants to get him out at all costs and that his performance has not declined, for a reason they extended his contract in Spain. Along the same lines, and after carrying out a Sports Clinic for children and young people, the goalkeeper showed his motivation and his desire to continue being the caretaker of the Everyone’s Team.

If one continues to do things well at the club, the possibilities of continuing to compete within the National Team open up. The competition can be in Europe, playing a new final, or playing more games with the Red. That determines how you are performing, nothing else, ”he pointed out.

Finally, he had words for Eduardo Berizzo, the new coach of the Chilean National Team and who has already seen his first games in charge of the national team. In this regard, Bravo stated that “Eduardo (Berizzo) knows what Chilean football is. He understands how the National Team moves and knows many players, because he had them in the process to South Africa. Some boys who were sparring and today are part of the team, he entered them at that stage, ”he closed.

Claudio Bravo turned 39 years old, but he continues with full confidence in his abilities. Now, he will have to put himself under the orders of Manuel Pellegrini to face the preseason with Real Betis and cement, why not, another remarkable campaign with the Sevillian cast.

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