Claudio Bravo leaves doubts about his presence in La Roja

The South American Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022 are in suspense. The leagues of England, Spain and Italy rose up and refuse to give up their players to their respective teams, something that undoubtedly worries in the Red that can lose up to eight players.

Once the weekend of European football is over, those summoned should travel to their respective countries covered by the FIFA regulations. However, the footballers are the ones who ended up in the middle of this new cock between the governing body of world football and the most powerful leagues in Europe.

Players like Arturo Vidal and Gary Medel have already openly stated that they will travel the same to join the Chilean team, assuming the costs that this decision could entail in their clubs. However, Claudio Bravo prefers caution and did not confirm his presence in everyone’s team.

“The problem is that those who pay you are the clubs and you have to follow their orders. And in that you have to be careful”was the message he shared with the Metropolis Central program of Radio La Clave, implying that declaring oneself in absentia could cause problems for those selected.

The presence of Claudio Bravo against Brazil is not guaranteed. / PHOTO: Agencia Uno

Anyway, during the week he indirectly received a accolade from Manuel Pellegrini, who pointed out that “The players have a regulation to attend to and the players have to be with their national teams”.

In terms of sports, Claudio Bravo was summoned for the match that the Real Betis will cheer against Real Madrid this Saturday at 4:00 p.m. Later, he should be ready to travel to our country and put himself under the orders of Martín Lasarte. Everything is in we will see.

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