Claudio Maldonado charges Leo Gil with the Bip

Leonardo Gil has outlined with all his letters as the best player in Colo Colo in the current season 2021. The midfielder has been the soul of the team in the middle of the field and with his tremendous punch he has sent real goals, especially on ball stopped.

One who appreciated this contribution of the Colo to the first white team was Claudio Maldonado, player born in the Monumental and who to some extent shared the position with Gil in his years breaking it in midfield, especially in Brazil.

In conversation with TNT Sports, the home team recalled what it was like to face Gil in Brazilian soccer, stating that “Last year we faced Leo, he was in Vasco Da Gama, we won, but he was a very intense, important player, who has a very good ability to transmit to other players.”

“That made Colo Colo very good, a player of those characteristics, he has a certain experience to be a young player, he has had more experience than the other youngsters and it has done Colo Colo very good, especially because of his ability. to compete, to surrender, the club did very well ”, added the current member of the Red Bull Bragantino technical staff.

Regarding the performance of the team at a general level, the former midfielder said that “Colo Colo has started very well this year. Last season after the last game they were able to stay in first class, many of those players felt a relief and came with a different mentality, that mentality they have taken advantage of at this start and they have done well ”.

Leonardo Gil already has seven goals with the Colo Colo shirt. | Photo: Guillermo Salazar.

“They were already champions of the Chile Cup and now they are first in the National Championship, that speaks very well, it is the way that the Colo Colo player knows what to do: enter to play all possible championships”Maldonado concluded.

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