Clean wheels for a good cause

At the Egg Middle School there are always campaigns in favor of the “Pamoja” association.

In the spring of this year, pupils from the Egg Middle School “collected” many well-preserved bicycles, which, with the help of sponsors, could be transported to Kenya in a specially provided container. Half a year later, the keen supporters of the “Pamoja-mitanand” association lend a hand: For three hours, girls and boys in third grade (WIN group H3) cleaned bicycles from parents, teachers and classmates in exchange for small donations. An expert employee of the Andelsbuch bike specialist shop in Radau supported them, brought the right care products with them and occasionally provided a small service on site. In the end, over 200 euros came to the cash register. This amount was immediately transferred to the “Pamoja-mitanand” association. The money goes straight to children in Kenya and “one on one”.

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