Cleaning aids: Test: These household robots vacuum and wipe well

Rolling mopping and vacuum robots clean floors and carpets via smartphone control. How well does it work? Five new models being tested.

Many households can no longer be imagined without vacuum robots with or without a wiping function. They are too practical to guarantee a certain level of basic cleanliness in apartments with lots of tiles or wooden and parquet floors.

If you wish, they don’t just vacuum up the daily dirt, but wipe right afterwards – fully automatically. IN THE TEST, the consumer magazine of the FUNKE media group, has five new Saugwischroboter tested.

Vacuum and floor mopping robots put to the test: no model can do everything

Market leader Ecovacs is represented with two devices in this test field. On the one hand with the new T9 AIVI, the successor to last year’s test winner T8 AIVI, and with the Mop Station, a really extraordinary device from the sister brand Yeedi.

The Mop Station has a huge one Water tank, but unfortunately cannot supply the robot with fresh water itself. The water is only used to clean the brushes and to rinse the dirt into the utility water tank. The priorities of the Yeedi are therefore clearly when wiping Hartböden, even with small, short-pile floor mats next to house or patio doors, it has to fit, but at least bypasses them elegantly and whisper-quietly.

Top model no better than its predecessor

Ecovacs’ top model, the T9 AIVI, is no better than its predecessor. The robot often only approaches walls within 20 centimeters and thus does not make it up to them Margins to include distributed rice grains in the test course.

In addition, the inlet that is too small for Staub very quickly, especially in households with dogs. And shoes lying around are approached too closely, so that protruding shoelaces are sucked up and cause a stop. With long-pile carpet In contrast to the test candidates from Roborock and Zaco, the T9 Aivi does not cope and, like the Tesvor S6 Turbo, gets stuck with every run.

the Smartphone-Apps for the Ecovacs T9 AIVI and the Yeedi are largely identical, but lack the technical class of last year’s version, placing new functions such as 3D furniture on the previously created room map do not add any added value and remain a gimmick for users with too much time. Also interesting:Philips, Ikea and Co .: Remote-controlled LED lights in the test

Installation only for professionals?

Would manufacturer Apple one Vacuum robot installation of the robot would be a piece of cake. It is therefore incomprehensible that in the age of the smart home there are still technology products that can only be put into operation by technology professionals. The Tesvor S6 Turbo is such an inglorious example.

The robot only transmits in the 2.4 gigahertz WiFi network, which is why the home router must be switched on manually to 2.4 GHz or the 5 gigahertz network must be switched off. Beginners will most likely fail at this hurdle, as Tesvor does not provide any assistance for routers such as the one that are widespread in Germany Fritzbox from AVM offers.

Zaco, Roborock, Yeedi and Ecovacs do this much better, even the English voice output during installation is no problem thanks to the step-by-step instructions in the apps.

Mopping and vacuuming with planning

Anyone who buys a vacuum mopping robot must know: Most devices have to Wiping unit with the water tank can be exchanged for the pure suction unit or a wipe can usually be attached to the underside of the robot with Velcro. In practice this means: use in apartments with changing Floor coverings, for example from tile to carpet, always requires some effort and planning. Only the Roborock S7 can do both, as the mop plate lifts a little as soon as the carpet is recognized.

If there is no carpet, the Ecovacs T9 AIVI deliver the thanks to the vibrating mop plate and the Yeedi Mob Station best Results when wiping. The last in this discipline is the Zaco W450. Although it has exciting details, such as an integrated wiper brush and a separate tank for fresh and dirty water, it completely submerged the test course. The water flow can be reduced via the app, but in the standard setting it was unfortunately “water, march” or “a lot helps a lot”.

Conclusion: This vacuum and floor mopping robot convinced in the test

The egg-laying woolly milk sow is also not included in this test field. A good combination of vacuum and wiper would be the Ecovacs T9 AIVI or Roborock S7 plus Yeedi Mop Station in a household. In terms of cleaning performance, the Ecovacs is also good despite its weaknesses Obstacle detection the best device in the test – a tad more unclean, but also significantly cheaper the Roborock S7.

1st place: T9 AIVI – Ecovacs / Siegel: IMTEST test winner 11/2021

  • Price: 799 euros
  • The test winner offers the best suction and wiping performance in the test, but does not match the quality of its predecessor, the T8 AIVI.
  • + The wiper plate simply shakes away dried-on dirt.
  • – Cleaning the brushes is a little too complicated
  • Result: good 1.8

2nd place: S7 – Roborock

  • Price: 649 euros
  • Pleasantly quiet vacuum and floor mopping robot of the upper class. Distribute small parts (rice) throughout the room on the test course.
  • + Mopping plate lifts as soon as carpeting is detected.
  • – Few accessories and consumables.
  • Result: good 2.4

2nd place: Mopstation – Yeedi

  • Price: 650 euros
  • The two water tanks in the station guarantee long-lasting suction and, above all, wiping pleasure.
  • + With only 55 db the quietest robot in the entire test field.
  • – Navigation is sometimes erratic.
  • Result: good 2.4

4th place: S6 Turbo – Tesvor / Siegel: IMTEST price-performance winner 11/2021

  • Price: 250 euros
  • The installation of the S6 Turbo is torture for beginners and gets stuck in several rounds on the test course.
  • + Good mapping of the apartment and individual rooms.
  • – Product packaging full of plastic and foam.
  • Result: satisfactory 2.7

5. Platz: W450 – Zaco

  • Price: 350 euros
  • Shows good results in the test course when wiping and must even fit flat carpets.
  • + Very good obstacle detection, carpet is always bypassed.
  • – Form factor does not allow it to be driven under low cabinets.
  • Result: satisfactory 2.8

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