Clémentine (Koh-Lanta) settles her accounts with Alix and Alexandra: "I had big on the potato"

Eliminated at the gates of the reunification of All-Stars from Koh-Lanta, Clémentine looks back on her journey and tackles the reversal of the jacket of some adventurers.

She wanted her revenge! Eliminated following a reversal of the jackets of the girls of her tribe – despite the Girl Power de Coumba advocated a few days earlier – Clémentine addressed her stay on The island of the banished like a second chance. With the sole objective of winning one of the two tickets available to reintegrate Koh-Lanta, The Legend. and so to say their four truths to certain adventurers, Alix and Alexandra in mind. Unfortunately for Clementine, Clémence Castel and Ugo emerged victorious from the last test in Arena. The adventurer therefore sees her adventure come to an end definitively on Tuesday. She gave an interview to Télé-Loisirs.

“We’re going out one after the other!”

Télé-Loisirs: We imagine you are disappointed with this elimination at the gates of reunification …

Clémentine: Yes of course, I am very disappointed. Once again, it was the same as in 2008 against Jérémy in The Heroes’ Battle. But there, I am all the more so as it is The legend and that I had other things to prove afterwards.

When you see the girls coming one by one, do you understand that the Girl power by Coumba is dead ?

I am really disappointed to see Candice and Clémence Castel arrive. We go through it all one after the other but it is well done for us, in the sense that some girls have decided to break the alliance. Me, from the start, I did not understand the strategic interest of doing that at all at the time … For me, it’s just the boys who played really well and I can see the profile of the rest of the adventure: that is to say that we will go out one after the other! And the ones that will get closer to the boys the fastest will be the last to come out in my opinion.

“I had it big on the potato”

Before putting out your torch, you empty your bag by revealing the strategies and the turn-ups of certain adventurers. We feel Laurent Maistret, Ambassador, very attentive. Do you hope that your words can influence him?

There is also Clémence who is receptive. After that, I don’t know if it’s influence. They will make their own decisions and have their own strategy. I don’t play her as an influencer. My adventure is over, I’m just saying what I think about everything that happened, that I find it really unfair because I was right in the boots. That I trusted the girls and that in the end, apart from Jade, Candice and Clémence, all returned their jackets! But I’m leaving with my head held high. It is not I who am at the origin of this alliance, it is Coumba. I don’t blame her because I followed her. But she betrayed this alliance, like Alix, Alexandra and Christelle. It’s just good to put that in the heads of the boys …

What did you miss to avoid this elimination?

Socially, I was there. Maybe less in the red team because I was put this alliance in mind. And I’m such a frank and honest person that I found it hard to relate to the boys while I get along extremely well with Teheiura, Namadia and Laurent. I didn’t want to betray the girls’ alliance and be influenced by them. We are still talking about it … They tell me that if I had been closer to them, they would have released another girl. But I was right in my boots! And in the end, it’s me who gets screwed. But even if I had to do it again, I would do it again like this. If I had won this last event in Arena on the other hand, it would have been the art commedy because I had it big on the potato. But this is the game, I can only blame myself.

“Alix and Alexandra are not the ones I get along with the best”

Since the shooting, have you been able to explain yourself to the adventurers you are targeting?

I did not have a face to face with Christelle and Coumba, even if I was very disappointed with their reversal of jacket. Alix and Alexandra, it concerned me directly (they were in the same team, editor’s note). Clearly, I had big on the potato. Outside of filming, for me it’s completely forgotten. After that, there are bound to be people with whom we get along better in real life than in Koh-Lanta. I have my real friends who are Candice and Clémence. I also really enjoy Coumba, outside of the game. Alix and Alexandra aren’t the ones I get along with the best outside of the game. Is it because of what they’ve done to me? I do not know. I think we don’t look too alike. I am someone frank, direct, who likes honesty and who does not like the superficial. And i stop there… (laughs)

A word about Ugo, who is full of praise for you, and Clémence Castel?

Ugo is for me THE legend of this Koh-Lanta. In any case, compared to The island of the banished. He has a perfect course: getting out at the start then winning all his duels … And then he’s someone who is so pleasant to live with. He was my favorite and my male surprise of this Koh-Lanta. As for Clémence, I knew her before. She is so pure, simple and extremely kind. It hurt my heart, like with Candice, to see how we could get these girls out, so nice and without resentment. For me, they are perfect candidates. When I leave, I tell myself that it does not matter because Ugo and Clémence are two people that I wanted to see again in the game. I cross my fingers and I pray that they take their revenge.

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