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How do the activists organize themselves? How are they funded? What are the penalties? Information about the “Last Generation” at a glance.

Hardly a day goes by without a new disruption: The climate activists of the “Last Generation” group have been worrying about theirs for months blockages and actions for attention and outrage. This gives the impression that their protest against the climate policy of the federal government is becoming more and more radical.

How is the group organized? Who are its members? What are your goals? How are the activists funded? What penalties do they have to reckon with? which Actions has the “Last Generation” carried out so far – and which ones are you still planning? Here you will find answers to the most important questions about climate activists.

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“Last generation”: members, activists – who is behind it?

“We are the last generation that can still stop the collapse of our society” – that’s what it says on the Last Generation Site. In the manifesto, the activists “civil resistance” against the climate policy of the federal government at the center of their strategy.

Who cares about the individual motives who wants to inform members will quickly find what they are looking for: On a Youtube channel activists explain in videos why they stick themselves to the street, trigger emergency calls or daub buildings. It is often young people who state that they have interrupted school, training or studies for the campaigns. Older people such as mothers or pensioners also have their say.

CarlaRochel is one of the better known faces of the group. She has been with the “Last Generation” since November 2021, she says. She gave up her studies to fight the climate policy of the federal government. The 20-year-old became known to a wider public through her appearance on Markus Lanz’s ZDF talk show in November 2022.

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Organization: what holds the “last generation” together?

According to the activists, 500 to 600 people nationwide move around the group. And there should be more. The “Last Generation” organizes online seminars and action training to create new members to recruit. Locally, according to their own statements, the activists are then in “affinity groups” or “germ cells”.

In Berlin, for example, according to activist spokeswoman Carla Hinrichs, Apartments rented. You walk together, you live together. Most would only get to know each other when they moved in. A group usually consists of four to eight people.

You only pay for the food yourself or you go to containers – so collect edible food from supermarket garbage containers.

The activists see themselves as part of the global “A22 network”, in which climate protection projects from countries such as Sweden, France, Italy, the USA and Norway have joined forces. An attack on the world-famous Vermeer painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring” in The Hague caused a stir.

Financing: How do climate activists finance themselves?

According to their own statements, the “last generation” finances itself over Donate. They advertise for funds on crowdfunding sites – with success. As the campaign page of the activists on shows, the donations currently amount to over 70,000 euros (as of November 25, 2022), generated from over 950 individual donations.

the financing is also carried out via the “Climate Emergency Fund” donation initiative. According to the initiators, four million euros were paid out to 39 international climate protection organizations this year. Also read: “Last Generation”: What does the protest of the activists bring?

Political goals: what does the “last generation” want – and what plans do they have?

The activists are demanding drastic measures from the federal government in the fight against the global warming. Specifically, the “last generation” is currently demanding a speed limit of 100 km/h on German autobahns and the introduction of inexpensive local public transport with a 9-euro ticket.

An ultimatum to the traffic light coalition expired in September 2022, and they are currently taking care of a “maximum disruption of public order”. The “Last Generation” did not say what other actions were planned, but they wanted to “disciplined non-violent behavior” and make sure nobody gets hurt.

Penalties: Fines, custody, imprisonment – this is how the rule of law reacts

Many activists are already fines To be sentenced. For example, a man who repeatedly blocked streets in Stuttgart had to pay 110 daily rates of 50 euros each – that is 5,500 euros.

In Berlin, where the majority of the campaigns took place this year, according to the group, 340 notifications of fees totaling 65,070 euros have accumulated so far.

After sticking actions in Munich, the beginning of November was a 30-day break for several climate activists custody been applied for. The CDU and CSU want to use a draft law in the Bundestag to achieve tougher penalties for climate activists and change the criminal offense of coercion so that there is a minimum prison sentence of three months for street glue that hinders rescue workers. A maximum of five years imprisonment should be possible.

Hunger strike, blockades, art vandalism – actions of the “last generation”

  • September 2021: Members of the “Last Generation” appear for the first time with a hunger strike in front of the Reichstag immediately before the federal elections. The young activists want to force a public discussion with the chancellor candidates Annalena Baerbock, Armin Laschet and Olaf Scholz.
  • From the beginning of 2022: Activists usually stick to roads and motorway access roads during morning rush hour, causing traffic jams in this way. Some of them climb gantries and enforce closures. The campaigns take place nationwide, with the focus on the A100 city motorway in Berlin.
  • From spring 2022: Federal ministries and party headquarters will be targeted by climate protectors. Facades are daubed, some activists break into the buildings and set off fire alarms.
  • from the end of August 2022: The members of the group stick themselves to paintings or smear paint on the works of art.
  • October 31, 2022: A cyclist is run over by a concrete mixer in an accident in Berlin and critically injured, she dies a few days later in the hospital. A special vehicle from the Berlin fire brigade, which was supposed to help free the injured person under the truck, was stuck in a traffic jam, according to the fire brigade. This was triggered by an action by the climate protest group “Last Generation”.
  • November 24, 2022: Climate activists invade the runway at Berlin Airport BER and paralyze flight operations in this way.

“Last generation”: A case for the protection of the constitution? An end-time sect?

The President of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Thomas Haldenwang, does not see the activist group as a case for observation by his agency. “In any case, I don’t see at the moment that this group is against the free democratic basic order and in this respect it is not an object of observation for the Office for the Protection of the Constitution,” said Haldenwang in mid-November.

The Berlin interior authorities came to a similar assessment in February 2022. There were no indications of anti-constitutional efforts in the case of the road blockades, it said. (bee)

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