Climate activists stick themselves to the front doors of the EU Commission

Climate activists from the group Extinction Rebellion blocked the main entrance of the EU Commission in Brussels today. According to the organization, ten activists taped their hands to the front doors in the morning.

The police spoke afterwards of five people stuck, as reported by the Belga news agency. The protesters called for the introduction of an ecocide law, as announced by Extinction Rebellion.

APA/AFP/François Walschaerts

Ecocide demanded as a criminal offense

The entrance was freely accessible again in the late morning, as a dpa reporter observed there. Videos on social networks show police officers removing the taped hands of the demonstrators.

“The destruction of the environment and our livelihoods must be prosecuted appropriately,” said a spokesman.

Ecocide means massive destruction of the environment. The climate activists are calling for ecocide to be included in international criminal law and thus placed on the same level as war crimes and genocide. Belgium has long been at the forefront of the fight to have ecocide classified as a crime.

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