Climate change: Hot and dry: risk of forest fires in Greece is increasing

Greece is currently plagued by extreme heat and drought. There is a high risk of forest fires, especially in the region around Athens and Rhodes.

Due to a lack of precipitation and high temperatures, the risk of forest fires is increasing in Greece. As the Meteorological Office in Athens announced, the danger is extremely high, especially in central Greece and on some islands, including the popular holiday island of Rhodes. People should also take protective measures against a heat wave that is expected to last into the weekend.

On Thursday (June 23) the thermometer on the mainland should show up to 40 degrees. Large Greek cities already opened air-conditioned halls on Wednesday. People who do not have air conditioning in their houses and apartments can seek refuge there.

Doctors on the radio called on people not to drink alcohol, wear light and loose cotton clothes, drink water regularly and stay in shady places in the coming days. “Caution also for tourists. Heat stroke is lurking and this applies above all to the elderly and children,” said a meteorologist on state television (ERT). (dpa)

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