Clothing was the item that increased the most in Santa Fe

The general level of the Santa Fe Consumer Price Index (IPC_SF) registered an increase of 6.7% in August 2022 compared to the previous month. The figure is slightly lower than that published last week at the national level, which was 7%. In the year the provincial indicator accumulates a rise of 55.1% and in twelve months 74.5%.

Clothing, with a rise of 10.1%, was the item with the highest increase during the past month. It was followed by education with an increase of 8.7% and equipment and maintenance for the home with 8.3%. Food and beverages were in the fourth step with a rise of 7.1%.

During August, the rise in the quota of prepaid medicine was also highlighted, which had an impact on the health division. The Ipec also reported a 6.2% increase in the medical care and health expenses segment.

In addition, the report showed increases of 5% in leisure, 4.8% in transportation and telecommunications, 4% housing and basic services. Other goods and services registered a rise of 9.4%.

Specifically in the food segment, the highest increases were registered in onions (66.4%), potatoes (28.8%), sugar (31.7%), eggs (18%) and bananas (17.3%).

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