Cloudy and with the probability of showers, this is how Spring starts in La Plata

This Wednesday in La Plata dawn was quite cold again and temperatures close to 9°C, so spring began cooler than expected. According to the National Meteorological Service (SMN), in addition, a maximum of only 17 ° C is expected after noon and it is not ruled out that there may be some isolated rains and showers in the city.

According to the Argentine meteorologists, during the first hours of the morning there were some fog banks and quite cold, but with the arrival of the sun it is expected that the temperature will begin to rise slightly. At the close of the day, meanwhile, between 10 and 40% chances of showers are expected in some areas of the game, so that Spring Day could end through water.

Meanwhile, for the Thursday A similar day is expected, with a minimum of 9°C and a maximum of 17°C, a certain probability of showers in the morning and a day with mostly cloudy skies throughout the afternoon and night. For Friday, the minimum would drop to 6°C but the maximum would rise to about 19°C. It will be, in any case, temperatures far from the spring custom.

The good news would arrive as the weekend approaches and the experts expect that both Saturday and Sunday there will be a partially cloudy sky, plenty of sun and a noticeable increase in temperature: with minimums of 11 and 15 ° C and maximum of 21°C during both days.

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