CNDH: Accuses soldiers who tortured and violated a woman in front of her children

The National Commission for Human Rights (CNDH), sent a recommendation to the Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA), after determining that military personnel sexually abused and used violence against a woman arbitrarily detained on September 9, 2009 in Coatzacoalcos, in the State of Veracruz.

Likewise, it was also accused that the soldiers involved in the act violated the best interests of the childsince her two minor children witnessed the act of violence against the woman.

In this context, the Commission also exposed certain inconsistencies in the case of the woman who is still behind bars, since the agents admitted that her arrest was made by mistake and arbitrarily violating her human rights.

The facts in detail

Accuses soldiers who tortured and raped a woman in front of her children

Accuses soldiers who tortured and raped a woman in front of her children

According to the file to which The Truth News had access, the woman was at her home when she was detained for around 13 military elementswho broke down the door and asked her to identify herself, later, those involved asked her about “the money, about the drugs and her boss” and later tied her hands, put a bandage on her and put her in a Sedena van.

When the victim was transferred to the Social Rehabilitation Center of the State of Mexico, two soldiers who were guarding her touched her body, threatened to sexually abuse her, warning her that “she had to cooperate” or they would kill her children.

After the house arrest, SEDENA reported that the woman had been abducted during a patrol, and also said that the woman accepted her participation in the commission of various crimes and being part of a criminal organization.

However, witnesses indicated that military personnel he “wrong” house and entered the detainee’s, causing multiple damages, with which it is proven that the victim was detained illegally and arbitrarily.

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Immediate compensation for the victim

Accuses soldiers who tortured and raped a woman in front of her children

They seek to repair the damage

After the Commission was able to prove the serious violations of women’s rights, the head of the Sedena was asked to Luis Cresencio Sandovalproceed to the immediate repair of the damage through fair compensation, in addition to this, collaboration was also requested in the processing and monitoring of the investigation folder started by what happened.

On the other hand, military personnel were also exhorted to comply with the guidelines on the prevention and eradication of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment; in addition to violence and sexual torture.

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