Coahuila withdraws mandatory use of face masks

Torreon, Mexico.- By registering few cases of Covid, the Government of Coahuila today issued a decree in which the mandatory use of face masks is withdrawn, Governor Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís announced.

At the end of the meeting of the Regional Technical Subcommittee for Covid-19 Laguna, the State President made the announcement of this measure, saying that it will be published tomorrow and it will be detailed in which cases the mask should continue to be worn.

“We have been evaluating, we have also been working with companies in Coahuila doing pilot tests and demonstrations, and it has already been shown that the removal of face masks in the vaccinated population and in well-ventilated closed spaces does not necessarily increase the number of cases,” he indicated.

“The news is that today Coahuila withdraws the mandatory use of the face mask and its use will be optional in different sectors that we will make known with greater punctuality or particularity later or from tomorrow between the health sector and each Subcommittee will give know what those exceptions are.

Riquelme Solís anticipated at a press conference who should continue to use the face mask: people with some comorbidity, who present symptoms of Covid, suffer from some respiratory disease, people over 60 who go to closed or poorly ventilated places, who have not been vaccinated against this virus or who have an incomplete scheme, as well as health workers when they are in front of patients and in nursing homes.

In schools, he added, it will be oriented so that all students have the complete schedule of anti-Covid-19 vaccines, so it is recommended to continue wearing the mask.

According to the Covid report of this day, Coahuila has 225 active cases, of which 8 are hospitalized. So far in the pandemic, 182,381 confirmed cases have been registered in this entity, of which 173,213 have been recovered.

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