Coca-Cola fan owns the world’s largest collection of cans

The fan canadian cans called Gary Feng love the Coca ColaIn fact, he loves it so much that he bought 11,308 different cans from 108 different countries.

Gary now officially owns the largest collection of soda cans (the same brand) in the world. Broke the record previous of 10,558 that Davide Andreani (Italy) had, who also collected Coca-Cola.

Guinness World Record for Gary Feng

Gary’s two favorite cans were literally out of this world, on July 4, 1985 the Space Shuttle Challenger launched. Coca-Cola created a can specially designed for use in the low-gravity environment on board. In addition to having a Russian version, which was first consumed on the Soviet Mir space station on August 26, 1991.

In 1955, the first can of Coca-Cola® was produced. Adorned with the iconic logo in red, it’s made from tin and looks like a soup can and this person has it. Gary also has a whole wall of shelves dedicated to his American cans.

Canadian can fan Gary Feng loves Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola® has sponsored the Olympic Games since 1928 and often produces special cans for the event. By looking at Gary’s collection, you can trace the history of the Olympics. It even has a super rare can designed for the 2016 Chicago Olympics, which of course never happened, as Rio de Janeiro won the tender.

Gary’s incredible collection has earned him an official Guinness World Records title, but he doesn’t plan to stop here. He loves Coca-Cola and eagerly anticipates new limited edition releases. The only item missing from your collection is a Gary-themed tin.

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