Coca Mendoza takes a nosedive Lasarte due to the absence of Leo Gil

Leonardo Gil is the great absence of the local environment in the Chilean team. Colorado arrived in Colo Colo with the dream of being able to wear the Red shirt and still cannot fulfill it.

Before these, social networks have been filled with criticism of Martín Lasarte, who still does not explain the reason for the absence of Leonardo Gil, who for many is the best player in the 2021 National Championship.

One who knows how to play in La Roja and Colo Colo is Gabriel Coca Mendoza and, in conversation with Redgol, he spoke of the absence of Colorado and only found an explanation.

“Colo Colo has been one of the leading teams in this tournament and Colorado has more than earned a call to the national team. It is regrettable that they did not call Gil or Cortés, it seems very strange to me as well. the capacity that those from abroad have, but he deserved a chance. He is one of the best flyers at the local level “he explained.

Leonardo Gil in the Red

Finally he added that, “I don’t know what the taste is. The coaches are very special, but we all thought that Gil was going to be on this roster. Besides being a mixed with a round trip like (Charles) Aránguiz, he has a goal and a free kick. He has shown it. It is rare, but in the technical tastes it is respectable … and it will be because he was a U coach “, he sentenced.

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