COD exclusively on Xbox? EA thinks it’s an opportunity for Battlefield

While the diatribe between Sony and Microsoft continues regarding the acquisition of Activision by the Redmond giant, the big video game companies share interesting considerations on the fate of call of Duty.

From the top of Electronic Arts, in particular, comes a comment related to theeventual farewell of the saga to the PlayStation ecosystem. During an event organized by Goldam Sachs, the executive Andrew Wilson illustrated the potential benefits that could result from such a circumstance. “In a context where there may be uncertainties regarding the future of Call of Duty and the platforms that may or may not host the series, – said the CEO – have a completely approach cross-platform with Battlefield represents an incredible opportunity.

In sharing these considerations, Andrew Wilson concurrently recognized the need to give a turning point to the seriesthat “in the last two interactions it has not offered the experience it should have“. With Battlefield 2042 to represent the latest exponent of the IP, Electronic Arts therefore aims to bring the shooter back to its old glories, preparing to exploit in the coming years a possible rift between call of Duty and PlayStation console.

Meanwhile, the EU Antitrust has postponed the decision on the acquisition of Activision, taking some more time to carefully evaluate the impact on the market of the marriage between the publisher and Microsoft.

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