COD Modern Warfare 2 Beta: tips and tricks to win in Invasion mode

In this second weekend of the Beta of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has been added to the modes available to everyone too Invasion, which, like the Terrestrial Battle, foresees large-scale clashes without proposing particular rules, being in all respects a huge deathmatch tram. Let’s find out how to best deal with this mode.

Don’t miss the supplies

One of the peculiarities of the Invasion mode is the arrival from the top of crates of supplies, which are launched in various areas of the map on a regular basis. As you well know if you are a Call of Duty player, you can find them inside Random kill streak, even the most difficult to reach normally, among which we find the Juggernaut and the bombings. As you can easily guess, therefore, it is always good to locate the supply crates and grab their contents before the opponents are able to do the same.

Hunt down bots

Invasion’s goal is to reach the 2,000 points and, to do so, all you need to do is accumulate eliminations. Although the kills of real-life players are worth five points, even the bots controlled by artificial intelligence allow you to accumulate points: even if they are one point to eliminationit might be a good idea to proceed with the slaughter of all enemy bots every time a helicopter enters the opponent’s respawn area.

Destroy the air support

On such a large map, it is very likely that some players will succeed in hiding and eliminating numerous enemies without dying, thus gaining access to Scorecards or advanced kills. The best way to limit the damage is to identify any aerial vehicles called by the enemies and focus the fire on them. By doing so, any devices to disturb the functioning of the map or aircraft that can fire on the players will be destroyed almost immediately and will make the effort of those who unlocked them and then called them in vain.


The last piece of advice is to contribute to victory not only through kills, but also with the use of the tools through which it is possible to identify the opponents. We refer to the Field upgrades (Reconnaissance Drone, Tactical Camera or Portable Radar) and alle Series of kills or points like the UAV, thanks to which it is possible to signal the positions of the enemies to all the members of the team and thus allow them to eliminate them or not to fall victim to their ambush.

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