CoD Vanguard introduces zombie mode – the army of the dead rises in the trailer

The new zombie mode for Call of Duty: Vanguard has been revealed. In a new trailer, the shooter showed its creepy undead – and special powers to destroy them.

That was shown: The new zombie mode shows the summoning of undead monsters, the “Army of the Dead” is spoken of. We see the “Hotel Royal” map, which some of you may already know from the CoD Vanguard Beta.

There a group of players is attacked by the undead before they go out onto the field. There a great skirmish develops between the soldiers and zombies, who carry a whole range of weapons around with them. For example, there is a zombie running around with a mini-gun!

But see for yourself:

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The trailer also shows that the soldiers don’t just have to rely on their usual firearms to face the zombie plague.

You can also use the so-called “Dark Aether” skills to gain an advantage. For example, they can create rings of fire to keep the zombies away.

You can find out more about the previous zombie story in CoD here.

At the very end we see a general, Game of Thrones style, standing over a mountain of fallen soldiers and raising his hands to resurrect the dead as zombies.

Then a kind of giant zombie leader emerges from a portal. As you can see: The zombie plague should not be so easy to conquer.

If you want to find out more about the zombie mode: Here you can find our overview of zombies in CoD Vanguard including interesting leaks.

You can also rely on supernatural abilities and weapons

Zombie trailer is well received

This is how the community reacts: After the trailer went online, it was able to generate over 140,000 views within half an hour. The like ratio is clearly positive with 24,454 upvotes to 740 downvotes (as of October 14, 5:30 p.m.).

The comments also show that players are already looking forward to the new zombie mode:

  • “That literally gave me zombie army vibes – goosebumps,” writes user Neel the Wiz (via YouTube).
  • “I already know if the big guy with the mini-gun spawns, I’ll run away. Looks great, can’t wait, ”says Leonidas I (via YouTube).
  • “Honestly, I’m hyped. The graphics and the look are great, ”says user Austin A. (via YouTube).

Meanwhile, there is a little criticism for the music selection. Some players would have obviously wished for something more “zombie-like” here.

In addition, some players would like to be able to play a number of characters in the mode that are directly related to the zombie story – instead of the usual operators.

How the zombie mode is designed in the end should become clear by the start of CoD Vanguard at the latest. You can find out everything about the release of the new Call of Duty here.

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