COD Warzone: Players Once Again Demand A Shooting Range With Vanguard Integration

The community of Call of Duty: Warzone players is delving into all the content available for the beloved battle royale video game after its integration with the new installment of the beloved war video game saga, Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Something that has surprised us is that one of the most common complaints from Warzone players has been the lack of a shooting range. Its biggest competitors, Fortnite and Apex Legends, have modes or areas for players to try out new weapons and different strategies, but Warzone hasn’t followed suit.

We should mention that instead, most players have to switch to other modes, such as Looting, to test their settings. Now, however, with major changes on the way with Warzone Pacific, players are setting demands once again.

Warzone player Chillenge posted a hypothetical screenshot of what Warzone’s shooting range might look like, asking for the feature to come. They asked:

‚ÄúSince we will receive a major update in December [sic] and Plunder will be gone for a while, can Raven add a shooting range in WZ so we can test our weapons and gear before we go into a real match? ”

Adding that “this feature has been absent since launch” is clearly something Chillenge is very sorry for and thinks it should have been from the beginning. Interestingly, the Vanguard developers included a shooting range in their 2017 CoD entry, WWII, so it’s not something they’ve avoided in the past.

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