COD Warzone: Raven stops the strike and waits for the union to be recognized

A Better ABK, an alliance formed by Activision Blizzard King employees fighting for the improvement of working conditions, announced the end of the strike of the Raven Software testers working on Call of Duty Warzone: now they are waiting for their new union to be recognized by Activision.

The protest, carried out by employees of the Quality Control department with the support of other Raven Software employees, began a month and a half ago in response to Activision Blizzard’s decision not to renew the 12-tester contract, despite having promised them a promotion and a salary increase.

Yesterday, determined to go all the way, they announced the birth of Games Workers Alliance, what it could become the first union of the North American video game industry. Although Games Workers Alliance is endorsed by Communications Workers of America, the largest trade union association operating in the communications and media sectors in the United States of America, in order to operate requires official recognition from the company, therefore his fate is now in the hands of Activision Blizzard.

“Waiting for the recognition of our union, Raven’s QA strike is over. Funds not used in the protest will be kept for organization projects and strikes future “, we read on the official channel of ABetterABK, on ​​which all future updates on Games Workers Alliance will be published.

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