Coki Gonzáles responds to criticism of the Latina broadcast of the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Qatar 2022 has brought more than one repercussion in our country and that is that on this occasion Latina has been a trend in Peru since the sports contest began, since criticism has gone against the official channel that broadcasts the World Cup in our country . Faced with this situation, journalist Coki Gonzáles, one of the channel’s figures, responded on social networks to a follower’s claim.

What happened to Latina?

The San Felipe channel took over the rights to this year’s World Cup and thus displaced the competing channels that previously assumed the transmissions of the soccer matches of the most important football event.

On this occasion, the users expressed their discomfort since only half of the meetings will be seen on an open signal. While those who wish to see all the Qatar 2022 matches must purchase additional paid packages to be able to see them.

This fact has outraged more than one user and it is that they have sent their complaints through social networks. It was a soccer fan who compared Latina to ATV, pointing out that the Arequipa avenue channel broadcast everything and, nevertheless, Latina has reduced its World Cup broadcasts.

Latina reported which World Cup matches can be seen live and direct by open signal.  (Latin TV)

Latina reported which World Cup matches can be seen live and direct by open signal. (Latin TV)

“Nothing like ATV that broadcast even how World Cup players sleep, channel 2, a small channel like the team that published this post”the user wrote.


What this discontent fan never imagined is that Coki Gonzáles would respond by defending the channel in which he is hosting the Qatar 2022 World Cup for Peru.

Coki Gonzáles specified that Peru’s failure to qualify for Qatar 2022, led by Ricardo Gareca, “hit very hard.” “Times change my friend, now it is much more expensive to buy television rights. Latina makes a tremendous effort, the fact that we have not classified hit very hard ”, said the sports journalist in defense of his channel.

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