Cold, clouds and mist: this will be the weekend in La Plata

The National Meteorological Service (SMN) announced that the cold and somewhat cloudy environment will continue for the rest of the day in La Plata and the region. According to the extended forecast, the rains would return to the city starting next Monday.

In this sense, the specialists indicated that the Saturday will be a day with partially cloudy skies and light winds will blow from the northwest sector. There will be morning fog and chances of reduced visibility. The minimum will be 6°C and the maximum 15°C.

For Sunday, meanwhile, a day with variable cloudiness and moderate winds from the southeast is expected. It will be a cold morning but the temperature will increase as the hours go by. The thermometer will show a minimum of 7°C and a maximum of 13°C.

For its part, the local Hydrometeorology Directorate communicated through its Twitter account that in La Plata it is expected “cold environment, somewhat cloudy. The weekend, with variable cloudiness. Cold mornings and cool evenings”.

Finally, the experts reported that there are chances of rain for Monday afternoon. Winds will blow from the southwest. The temperature will oscillate between 6°C and 14°C.

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