Colegio Redemptoris Missio, educational excellence and values ​​with more than 20 years of experience in La Plata

The Redemptoris Missio College It is an institution with more than 20 years of experience with a Catholic orientation. Located in the geographical center of the city of La Plata, on Calle 16 nº 982, between 51 and 53, it has three educational levels: Initial, primary and secondary. From its origins, it has sought educational excellence, instilling values ​​and promoting the inclusion of students.

The initial level has a morning shift in all three sections. Optionally, extension hours are offered with extracurricular teaching in art workshops, crafts, mathematical games, introduction to literature, music, corporeity and motor skills, and initiation to the foreign language. It is taught through play, strengthening skills in a comfortable environment and generating experiences that favor the educational trajectory of children at this level. yese They instill habits that help build emotional development and that will forge the personality of each student.

With excellent building conditions, the establishment has several different large spaces for a better development and comfort of the students.

The primary level It offers morning and afternoon shifts from first to sixth grade, with only one section per time slot. The morning shift has an extended day until 3:00 p.m., where they participate in the Literature, Logical-mathematical, English, Cooking, Stretching, Music, Art and Religious Education workshops.

In the Secundary level there are unique divisions and it is dictated in the morning shift. In addition to the curricular subjects with a focus on Social Sciences, Robotics workshops are taught that allow students to achieve advanced skills in the field of new information technologies and connectivity. During the six years of the level, its graduates develop a solid intellectual formation that prepares them for admission to tertiary or university studies in any branch of knowledge.

The teaching and management staff of the institution have the constant challenge of providing the students of the School Redemptoris Missio up-to-date knowledge, forging a critical and inclusive view of society. Having unique divisions allows the teaching-learning process to be genuinely personalized, being recognized worldwide and obtaining the most important awards to education.

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