Colin Firth intimidated his opponents in The Staircase

The first episodes of the miniseries The Staircase have just been released on HBO Max and the reception has been good with overall good ratings, but most of the talk has still revolved around Colin Firth and his performance. The series is based on a real event, but is also a true crime documentary from 2004 that addresses the mystery surrounding Kathleen Peterson’s death. In focus, her husband Michael, a detective story writer who suddenly comes home and finds his wife below the stairs in the home. He calls 911 and sounds the alarm, but she has time to die before help arrives. It soon turns out that what at first looked like a tragic accident may in fact be a murder. More and more frightening details are rolled up and the question is whether Michael is a cold-blooded killer who may even have more lives on his conscience or if he has just ended up in an almost unlikely spiral of bad luck and coincidences.

Michael Petersen is played here by Colin Firth and his acting has at times been so eerie and realistic that his opponents felt genuinely uncomfortable in his vicinity. Now Firth is not a pigeon in the context and he has lined up fine appearances in films such as Mamma Mia, Bridget Jones’ Diary and Pride and Prejudice, but before that he has mostly played a hopeless romantic, a bit awkward but charming. Now it’s a completely different half of the plan. A possible killer but at the same time a family man and a successful professional. In the series, he is seen losing his temper, feeling cramped, duping, sad and mourning. All at once and he has impressed his colleagues. In particular, it is the voice. Not only did the British Firth have to adopt an American accent, but he also adopted all of Peterson’s manners and voice modes.

In an interview with one of his opponents, Parker Posey in The New Yorker, she says that they really felt uncomfortable when he took on the role of Michael Peterson and he was so convincing that they finally began to feel empathy for his character.

“We all freaked out at the Zoom readings. I just got creeped out because he was so uncanny. He just really stepped it up … Every weekend, we got together and talked about it. You go up and down the staircase, and think, Is he guilty? Is he innocent? Did he do it? Did he? I do not want to think that he did something like that. He’s such an interesting person. He’s such a character. “

Initially it was thought that Harrison Ford would play the role of Michael Petersen but he was replaced late by Colin Firth and based on what we have seen, three episodes of eight are out now so it feels like an excellent decision.

Colin Firth intimidated his opponents in The Staircase

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