Colo Colo already has in his hands the CTI of Christian Santos

Christian Santos arrived in Chile last Friday and immediately began his mandatory 7-day quarantine that is filed by the Health Seremia when a person arrives in the country.

The wait is becoming less and less and today Colo Colo, and the player himself, received a great deal in the face of a possible debut when Gustavo Quinteros deems it pertinent and necessary.

Christian Santos received the CTI so he can debut with the Cacique. However, as we explained, this can happen from this Friday when the mandatory quarantine ends.

It only remains to wait for the days to pass and see in what physical condition the German-Venezuelan arrives, although it is anticipated that he is in perfect condition since he has constantly worked with a personal PF.

Christian Santos already has the CTI

The debut date? It is not yet known, but it is almost ruled out that it is for the Superclásico with Universidad de Chile, so all the darts point to the match against Ñublense de Chillán.

Yes, but there is a lot of tournament left

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