Colo Colo and Gabriel Costa approach positions: Minute by Minute of a new Black and White Football Commission

This Thursday is a crucial day in the Cacique since a new Black and White Football Commission will be developed in which three main issues will be resolved.

Colo Colo and Gabriel Costa approach positions
© Guillermo SalazarColo Colo and Gabriel Costa approach positions

Colo Colo continues to work tirelessly on the conformation of the squad for the year 2023. Fernando de Paul is the only confirmed reinforcement, waiting for the incorporation of Ramiro González to be closed, who has practically everything agreed to be the new player in defense Sunrise.

For this reason, the Sports Management continues to make the corresponding efforts to fulfill the wishes of Gustavo Quinteros, who has not tired of pointing out that he needs two players per position, hopefully, from a proven hierarchy.

In this sense, this Thursday will be a key day for what comes next year. It is that the Football Commission will meet virtually to close three key aspects that are on the table: The renewal of Gabriel Costa, the possible arrival of Leandro Benegas and what happens with the negotiations with Carlos Palacios.

Minute by Minute of the Black and White Football Commission

12:00 p.m.: Gabriel Costa and Colo Colo approach positions to sign a contract renewal.

11:00 a.m.: After dealing with various issues, the renewals that are pending begin to be discussed.

10:30 a.m.: The themes are proposed in the table with Gabriel Costa, Carlos Palacios and Leandro Benegas as main themes.

10:00 a.m..: The directors meet electronically to carry out the Football Commission.

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